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Storm Damage Manchester

Storm damage...Our roofs in manchester/Oldham are designed to cope with the everyday winds in Manchester but no roof is quite ready for the most extreme winds damage that we receive every year around January / February

As the wind sweeps across our roofs the wind is far from uniform. Some roof areas will receive more pressures than others such as the ridge tiles and gutters. Storm damage Gutter repair and ridge tile repair us roofers in oldham specializing

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Damaging Wind

You will find that the center part of the roof has the lowest stress. But around the gutter level and ridge tile roof this is where the high pressure is and will cause storm damage to your property. So depending on what way the wind is howling and the shape of your roof also location they will be very negative pressure they will be positive pressure and also suction. All creating a problem on your roof.When the wind blows over your ridge and “let’s say they are un maintained” you will have a problem on your hands. Were they is a slight weakness the wind will get under your roof tiles or slate that will lift the roof tile and dislodge it from your roof. But these small repairs can easily be repaired at a low cost at Manchester roofing we run several repair vans so as we have a growing work force we can do these small repairs at a very low cost covering a very large area around the greater Manchester roofing as we are Manchester number 1 roofing company with an outstanding customer services.

This is a good time to take advantage of our special offer. To all residential roof owners in Manchester we are doing a £99 no vat offer 2011. We will pay your vat repair any one leak from your main roof or your leaking gutter. We will also clean out your gutter around your property making sure your down water pipe don’t get blocked, all for just £99

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