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Roofer Walkden

Roofing specialist manchester roofing is a family fun business that is a third generation roofing company based in manchester walkden number 1 choice for flat roofs and pitch.

We specialise in roof repairs around the manchester area operating right here in walkden.

Manchester roofing offer emergency roof repair service and all estimates and advice is free. We also carry 10,000,000,00 liability insurance.

Most roof leaks can be solved by just a simple small roof repair so we advise everybody to get more than one quote' especially if you are told by a roofing contractor that you need a new roof. it is really easy to find a good quality roofing company in walkden by simply doing a quick google search for roofer manchester or roofer walkden .

Manchester roofing has five roof repair vans working in manchester walkden repairing gutters and roofs on a daily basis.

We offer many different flat roofing systems, from rubber cover to build up roof systems in walkden. The build up system is applied by using a heat gun and should only be used by a professional, multi pal layers are heat welded together, creating a seal that can last 20+ years. This is a fantastic roof system but only if the product is of high standard, there are cheap products on the market, which we at manchester roofing stay well clear of these roofing materials. We only use technotorch build up system, this is by far the best that is out there on the market.This may be slightly more expensive, but you pay for what you get, and will save you money in the long run, as if you opt for a cheaper less effective roofing system, you will pay out more on repairs and possibly more damage to the internal structure.

Rubber roof cover is a material that will last 50+ years' but again there are cheap brands on the market, that just don't stand up. we use fire stone product' again this is the best rubber cover company we have come across. fire stone are a world wide company. the rubber is applied to your roof by solvent adhesive no heat is needed.

Wooden Guttering

wooden gutters is one of our specialities. we install 1000 of meters each year in manchester and roofer walkden. wooden guttering is not socialised with the P.V.C DIY gutter system. the P.V.C is for the DIYer but we will install if required. The real skill is installing the wooden gutter. it takes a great crafts men to install this system and our staff are definatley highly skilled in their field.

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