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Roofer Trafford Park

Manchester roofing are a small family run business with 16 staff strong that are all experts in there sector. As a company we fully believe that it is our staff that make our company what it is today we are number 1 choice for industrial roof repair or renewal in the trafford park area. With 5 repair vans working in manchester daily. We offer a very prompt service due to these repair vehicles. Manchester roofing have a 10 million liability insurance and are very competent in health and safety.

Cladding Repair Trafford Park

Roof leaks can be solved with just a small roof repair so many cases a roof repair is all thats needed. The biggest problems that tend occur, is that the seals on the fixings have failed and need replacing. If a roofing company tells you that you need a new roof we strongly advise you to get a second look at by a competent trustworthy roofing company, these are quite easy to find. A quick google search for roofer manchester or roofer trafford park, read the reviews on what other customers say about the roofing company.

Gutter repair Trafford park

There are many solutions to fixing gutter systems on industrial properties and domestic rather than replacing. We have repaired and re lined 1000's of meters over the years at trafford park. Our most recent was a reline to an industrial building that was 274 meters. We used a rubber liner that was continuous with no joints ( NO JOINTS NO WEAKNESS ) this rubber liner will last over 50 years.

Roof lights Trafford park
Manchester roofing could help cut cost of your high energy bills by installing roof lights or replacing the old weathered dirty ones that already exist. You would be very surprised by how much light they will let into your property. We can install these at a low cost, give us a call today to get your free quote or advise.

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